Last updated: 26 August 2019

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A Fan of Ice and Fire is a fan site run by, natch, a fan of the A Song of Ice and Fire book series by George R. R. Martin and, to some extent and with reservations, the TV series Game of Thrones. It would be a mistake to claim that this is a site for all ASOIAF fans. It is a site by one fan, and if any other fans also like it, that is just a bonus. I find that fan culture of any genre, show, book, etc. tends to be persnickety at best and downright toxic at worst and I felt I wanted my own space in which to indulge my fandom.

(No, I wasn’t kicked out of anywhere and am not now being bitter about something that didn’t happen. Rather, I took a good look at how other people were discussing the books and the show and decided I wanted no part of that bullshit lest I waste the rest of my life, which is likely already more than half over given life expectancy numbers in the USA, arguing with stupid people. Did you know Book!Sandor Clegane does not actually have a hole in his face? He has a hole for a left ear. Jesus, people: reading is fundamental.)

(Oh, and expect Language here. It’s all a thing. Respect the thing.)

See above links for further specific information. Look around or don’t, stay or go. It’s all good.