Intellectual property policy

Last updated: 27 August 2019


The A Song of Ice and Fire book series and its auxiliary volumes (i.e., Fire and Blood) are the intellectual property of George R. R. Martin.

The rights to the Game of Thrones television series and any prequel series produced in the future are owned by HBO.

I reserve the right to discuss books, shows, episodes, characters, and anything else connected with these works and to discuss them by name here on this site; I believe this is covered under fair use doctrine. If it weren’t, no one could discuss their favorite TV shows and movies around the water cooler at work ever again. The only difference is I’m writing down my conversation for public display and it’s entirely one-sided.

As of the “last updated” date above I have not made up my mind about what sort of art will go here, if any. I’m leery of using screenshots as illustration. I may link to people’s fan art on occasion, particularly as I think I can embed work from deviantART, which would be helpful. I don’t know yet. Might be that if I do add art it will be my own; that seems safest, legally speaking. You’ll know when I do.


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