Privacy policy

Last updated: 27 August 2019


Since I do not allow comments on this site and hence do not allow anyone other than me to set up a user account, I have no reason to collect your personal information here.

If this WordPress installation installs cookies on your computer, I did not set it to do so. I do not believe it will install cookies on your computer, since you can’t register for an account or sign in to that nonexistent account anyway.

If I embed links, videos, or other content from other websites that you are signed into, such as Amazon or YouTube, those websites may collect information from you when you visit this site. I have no control over that, as I do not own those websites. If you don’t want them tracking how you use this site, sign out of them before visiting here, and sign back in to them after you leave.

Your best best for total internet privacy is to either learn hardcore-level encryption or get off the internet completely. Good luck with that.


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