Advertising policy

Last updated: 27 August 2019


As of the “last updated” date above I will not accept advertising from anyone to put on this website except for Amazon Affiliates links whenever I get around to that. If I should encounter another affiliate program that makes sense within the context of the subject matter of this website, I may add that as well, but as of now I cannot imagine what other affiliate program that would be.

Clicking on an Amazon Affiliates link will not cost you any money (or extra money if you make a purchase from that link) but, should you purchase an item on Amazon within a certain period of time after clicking that link, it will pay me a small amount of money (ranging from a few cents to a few dollars usually) to go toward the upkeep of this website which, believe it or not, is not Wix* and does cost me money. I don’t mind, much, but everyone likes to save money some way.

Examples of affiliate links I might include are links to ASOIAF-universe books and the DVDs of the various seasons of Game of Thrones. Basically, stuff you might already want (if you don’t already have them) or you wouldn’t be here. I may also link to officially-licensed swag like posters, Funko figures, etc., solely depending on my own discretion. See? Easy. Nothing nefarious.


*And never will be Wix, because first of all I’m a ’90s geek and look with disdain upon drag-and-drop website editors which, it transpires, are actually not anything new and in fact produce shitty code and, secondly, I have heard that if you make a website at Wix, Wix owns your site and you can’t transfer it out. Oh HELL no. Forget it.

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